Product Features


High Efficiency

Great Adaptability

Accuracy up to 0.01mm

Hole Flash Capture

Wireless Scanning

Bicular Scanning Cameras
Inside-Out Monocular Positioning Camera
22blue laser lines
Faster scanning speed
1Extra single blue laser line
To capture hard to reach area
5parallel blue laser lines
To feature more details
Hole flash capture function
To capture hole coordination and hole center in second


The Inside-Out monocular tracking technology realizes the positioning and posture of its own space to improve the scanning efficiency dramatically without placing any markers, which is true "Plug & Scan"

Highly portablity

Compared to other optical tracking scanning system, MarvelScan does not require the rigid structure with markers around scanner or an optical tracker at all, which improves portability and simplify the calibration procedure dramatically.

Independent Built-in Photogrammetry

It adopts blue LED light source to equip on photogrammetry system which increase the accuracy for scan data dramatically.

Blue Laser Technology

Blue Laser Technology/Faster Scanning Speed/Ultra Fine Scanning Mode

Hole Flash Capture/Portable CMM

Dual scanning modes for more applications flexibly

Software Features
Intelligent Guidance Module

Just one simple click the button, all the scanning parameter will be set automatically without any concerns.

Built-in Measurement Toolbox

Built-in measurement toolbox support various dimensions and features measurements, also provide 3D comparison,data annotation and inspection report generation.

Mesh Optimization and Local Resolution

To reduce the size of scan data & processing time and improve working efficiency dramatically.

Intelligent Interactive System

Simple operation with built-in interactive buttons in scanner to choose scanning mode,calibrate and process scan data by simple buttons operations.

Customer Value

No need to place sticker marker on part regardless of standard scanning, ultra-fine scanning or hole flash capture technology, which is true “Plug & Scan”product

Ultra Fast scanning speed

1,350,000 measurements/s, can quickly complete the 3D modeling of the product

Portable design

There is only 1.3kg of the device, small and portable, can carry to anywhere for handheld scanning.

Powerful Applications

It can be used in different environments, and applications for 3D modeling of the surface of different sizes of workpieces, one device with multiple functions.

Technical Specifications
Light Source

Blue Laser

Measurement Rate-Standard Mode

1,350,000 measurements/s


up to 0.02mm

Accuracy-Standard Mode

up to 0.02mm

Accuracy-Fine Mode

up to 0.01mm

Volumetric Accuracy

marker-free with markers

Hole Accuracy

up to 0.03mm

Depth of field @ Furthest range


Casting Parts
  • Rough Part Quality Control And Inspection

    Machining Processing Design

  • Reverse Engineering

    Competitive Product Analysis

    Automotive Repacking

    Interior Customization

    Modeling & Design

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Cultural Relic



  • Orthosis/Prosthesis Design And Manufacture

    Wound Monitoring

    Bilogical Specimen

    Medical Identification

Heavy Industry
  • Quality Control

    Reverse Engineering

    MRO & Wear Analysis

    Machanical/Tooling Design & Modification

    OEM & Parts Recycling

  • Tooling & Mold Modification

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Quality Control

    (MRO) Wear & Tear



  • Stress Analysis

    OEM & Parts Recycling

    Reverse Engineering

  • Product Styling And Design

    Quality Control/Inspection

    Reverse Engineering

    Tool Upgrade