3D Display


Traditional Internet media communication mainly relies on text, 2D images, video, audio and other means, but the audience can only view objects through a 2D plane. There is no way to view objects with a stereoscopic 3D vision in the real world. 3D laser scanning is a solution to this problem. The 3D laser scanning technology is also called the real-scene copying technology. Through this technology, the spatial position contained in the real-scene information and its corresponding color texture information can be quickly and accurately captured, presenting us a virtual but real space.

Inspection Process


  • 01
    High Accuracy

    Up to 0.01mm

  • 02
    High Efficiency

    Measurement rate is up to 2,100,000 measurements/s, single scanning area is up to 600x550mm, can quickly complete the 3D modeling of the product

  • 03
    Wide Adaptability

    From miniature play to giant sculptures can be easily modeled

  • 04
    Automatic Mapping

    ZG Smart Full-color 3D Scanner GSCAN can automatically capture the surface color texture of the object while scanning, and realize the automatic mapping function.


  • Consumer

  • Cutural

  • Medical

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