Product Features

High Efficiency

High Adaptability

Accuracy up to 0.25mm

Hole Flash Capture

Hybrid Scanning Mode

Multi-tracker Scanning Solution

Wireless Operation

HyperScan Plus
Smart Optical Tracking 3D Scanner
34blue laser lines cross
Faster 3D Scanning
1extra single laser line for deep hole scanning
To scan the place hard-to-reach well
7parallel blue laser lines
To capture the details of product clearly
ZG FreeBox-S wireless scanning model
Wired connection is kept for more complex working environments.
Wireless optical tracker
Free of any strict measurement setups ,
provides measurement accuracy that is less sensitive to the changes in work shop condition,
even in the harshest environment.
ZG-Probe Portable CMM
With unparalleled high precision , flexibility and adaptability

Blue Laser Technology

To adopt blue laser technology to improve fine-scan capacity and material adaptability dramatically

Faster 3D Scanning

34 blue laser lines to speed scanning up to 2,100,000 measurements/s, Fine details scanning speed up to 850,000 measurements/s.

Ultra Fine Scanning

7 parallel blue laser lines can capture the details of product clearly, which greatly improves precision of the scan data.

Hole Flash Capture

First time to add our patented Hole Flash Capture technology into dynamic tracker scanning system. In order to improve adaptability and operation experience, we innovate the hole measurement accessories and integrate the function of automatic CAD alignment & RPS alignment in our software.

Hybrid Scanning Mode

HyperScan Plus supports global scanning and portable scanning under the same coordination,

and the dual scanning mode can be switched real-time by Intelligent interactive system,

which is more adaptable to large and complex workpiece scanning.

Multi-tracker Scanning Solution

Multiple trackers with single scanner to extend measurement volume dramatically without any leapfrogs.

Multiple trackers with multiple scanners to increase the scanning efficiency dramatically and satisfy inline measurement requirements perfectly.

Work with ZG-Probe Portable CMM

With unparalleled high precision , flexibility and adaptability, ZG-Probe is fully capable for quality control,reverse engineering and assembly analysis etc. Compared with the traditional CMM,

ZG-Probe can work in different & complex environment outside laboratory for stable and accurate measurement.

Software Features
Intelligent Guidance Module

Just one simple click the button, all the scanning parameter will be set automatically without any concerns.

Built-in Measurement Toolbox

Built-in measurement toolbox support various dimensions and features measurements, also provide 3D comparison,data annotation and inspection report generation.

Mesh Optimization and Local Resolution

To reduce the size of scan data & processing time and improve working efficiency dramatically.

Intelligent Interactive System

Simple operation with built-in interactive buttons in scanner to choose scanning mode,calibrate and process scan data by simple buttons operations.

Customer Value
Portable design

There is only 1.5kg of the device, small and portable, can carry to anywhere for handheld scanning.

Super hardware configuration

The newly upgraded camera lens, chip and light source system make the equipment hardware performance more powerful and reliable.

Wide applications

It can be used in different environments, and applications for 3D modeling of the surface of different sizes of workpieces, one device with multiple functions.

Very low learning cost

The new learner without any experience can master various operations and calibration procedures after one day of training.

Standard interface

It can be integrated with robots, automated assembly lines, etc., to implement rapid secondary development, and realize automated scan and inspection.

Technical Specifications
Light Source

Blue Laser

Measurement Rate-Standard Mode

2,100,000 measurements/s


up to 0.02mm


up to 0.025mm

Volumetric accuracy under 9.6m³


Volumetric accuracy under 17.6m³


Depth of field @ Furthest range


  • Product Styling And Design

    Quality Control/Inspection

    Reverse Engineering

    Tool Upgrade


  • Virtual Assembly

    Reverse Engineering

    Quality Control

    Wear & Tear Analysis

    Custom Repairs & Modification

  • Reverse Engineering

    Competitive Product Analysis

    Automotive Repacking

    Interior Customization

    Modeling & Design

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Quality Control

    (MRO) Wear & Tear



  • Stress Analysis

    OEM & Parts Recycling

    Reverse Engineering

Casting Parts
  • Rough Part Quality Control And Inspection

    Machining Processing Design

Heavy Industry
  • Quality Control

    Reverse Engineering

    MRO & Wear Analysis

    Machanical/Tooling Design & Modification

    OEM & Parts Recycling

  • Tooling & Mold Modification

  • Cultural Relic



  • Orthosis/Prosthesis Design And Manufacture

    Wound Monitoring

    Bilogical Specimen

    Medical Identification