Tracker-free & Marker-free portable 3D lasr scanner, MarvelScan


“Innovation never ceases” is not just a slogan in ZG Technology, but we do root it into the whole process of product development, which does serve the company spirit of “always doing something good to our customer” well.


MarvelScan, the first Tracker-free and marker-free portable 3D laser scanner in the world, was just released in this week, which is a breakthrough product to change the working method of portable 3D laser scanner with faster scanning efficiency.


During the whole scanning procedure, operator does not need to place sticker markers at all. Compared to other optical tracking scanning system, MarvelScan does not require the rigid structure with markers around scanner or an optical tracker at all, which improves portability and simplify the calibration procedure dramatically.


Powerful functionality for better scanning results

MarvelScan is equipped with powerful functionality and technical features, which does include Marker-free scanning, hole flash capture technology, blue laser source, three application-oriented scanning modes, and independent built-in photogrammetry.

Different to other portable scanners in the market, MarvelScan does not require to place sticker markers on target part based on our over one-decade experience and special know-how in 3d laser scanning technology. You can scan part and move more flexibly without worrying about lost tracking or insufficiency markers on part, which causes the poor or incomplete scan data.

It has the scanning speed up to 1,050,000 measurements/s with pure blue laser technology, it can scan black and shiny surface directly without spraying any matting agent. Under the help of independent built-in photogrammetry, MarvelScan can scan large and heavy object accurately and quickly.

With fine scanning mode and single laser scanning mode, it also supports MarvelScan to scan the fine details and places hard-to-reach well.

With hole flash capture technology, MarvelScan can capture multiple hole center and coordination data just in second directly with high accuracy, it also supports to export the hole center and coordination data to the format of .stp or .igs which is extremely convenient for next data process and application.

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